FxNodes for Blender (Add-on) + Blender Puddle Shader + Text Node

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4K Loops by Eric Purcell:


How to install:

Supported Blender versions: 2.83.5 and up

Go to Edit > Preferences > Add-ons > Install

Browse to where the zip file is located, select it, then enable the add-on

Recommended Update Guide:

  • Close all open sessions of Blender

  • Open a new Blender session

  • Go to Edit > Preferences > Add-ons

  • Locate FxNodes, disable the addon and press remove

  • Press Install and Locate the new version, then enable the addon

for any help contact: support@cgonfire.com

Using FxNodes:

after installation, new nodes will be available for you to add in shader editor add menu




  • Add-on and pack version unified.

  • Optional FxNodes panel with search box.

  • Landscape Slope Factor node.

  • Simplex Noise and Grid nodes.

  • Fixes and Improvements to existing nodes.

  • Scatter 1 and 2 replaced by "Voronoi Distribute"

  • Landscape Slope Factor

  • Simplex Noise and Grid

  • New optional node panel

Add-on V0.2 (Pack V5.0):

  • Critical improvements to add-on installation.

  • New Advanced Tile node, replaces Tile and Tile Offset, with auto centering, better tile coordinates handling.

  • New Voronoi 2D, replaces Tileable Voronoi and Animatable Voronoi 2D

  • New Perlin 2D tileable pattern.

  • various improvements and bug fixes, socket/input renames.

Add-on first release V0.1 (Pack V4.9):

  • The shader pack is now an add-on!

  • It creates new categories in the shader editor's add menu (Shapes, Patterns, Mappings, Utilities and Fractals)

  • New nodes: Flipbook, Radial Symmetry 1 (new) & 2 (old), Truchet, Compare Color (similar to keying in compositor), and more

  • Numerous fixes and improvements to: Normal Blend Angle (minor fix), Select Shader ID Map (redesigned), and more)

Pack V4.x:

  • Added Documentation, updated artwork

  • Redesigned most nodes trees (Brick Mapping, Threads 1&2, Scatter 1&2, Edge Detection (Now "Edge Detection Approx."), Whirl (Now "Vector Whirl'), Mirror, and a lot more)

  • More useful output sockets

  • Updated Normal Blending Nodes, now both methods output color normal map and doesn't depend on mesh normal

  • Fixed Edge Detection workaround, works better in both Eevee and Cycles

  • Added more node trees ("To Normal Map", "Stripes", "Mix Vector", and more!)

  • Some input sockets were removed to keep cluttering down.

  • And more

Pack V3.x:

  • More useful naming

  • Fixed bugs

  • Added automatic coordinates detection for shapes and patterns

  • Added Parallax Mapping, Animatable Voronoi, Material ID select, Color Select, Sierpnski, and a lot more!

  • Reworked inputs

  • Fixed various bugs

  • Fixed "Normal Blend Angle" node

  • Updated product description and artwork


Documentation and Examples

Adding a node:

  • Shader Editor Add Menu (default shortcut: Shift+A).

  • Search by name (Shader Editor > Add > Search).

  • FxNodes panel (Shader Editor > N-panel > FxNodes tab), the panel also has a search box.

Node Library:


  • Shapes use Object coordinates by default (when no link is connected to "Vector" Socket), this important to keep in mind while using different Texture Coordinates with shapes.

  • Shape nodes typically have Value output (smooth gradient), and Mask (matte).

TODO: Docs

List of all nodes (no particular order):


  • Blender Puddle Shader

  • Normal Blend Angle, blend two normal maps, this method is better for preserving detail

  • Normal Blend Channels, somewhat faster, good detail preservation

  • To Normal Map, convert height map to proper normal map

  • Select Color, select from multiple colors/texture using index

  • Select Shader

  • Select Shader (ID map), use ID map to mix between shaders

  • Compare Color, mask out a color from image, similar to "Color To Mask" in SD, with threshold and contrast

  • Edge Detection approx.

  • Boolean, bool operations for black and white masks, OR, AND, subtract, difference

  • Separate and Combine CMYK

  • Random Per Object, random color and value (controllable range) per object

  • Channel Invert, inversion sliders for 3 channels

  • Height Mix, mix height maps

  • Layer Color, layer like mixing between two layers, by defining alpha for each layer

  • World To Tangent, convert vector from world space to tangent space

  • World Camera Location, camera location in world space

  • GLSL Modulo, modulo operation identical to GLSL (useful for advanced shaders)

  • Landscape Slope Factor: blend factor for landscape geometry, 0 being flat, 1 being steep


  • Advanced Tile, tiling with Quincunx flip option, controllable tile dimensions, array mode with auto centering

  • Axis Symmetry, symmetry for X, Y, Z, with individual sliders

  • Brick Mapping, brick mapping with correct per brick position and UVs, with auto align UV to brick border option, also mortar size and mortar smooth option, also has per tile random color and value

  • Distortion Blur

  • Equirectangular, convert coordinates to equirectangular

  • Flipbook

  • Gradient Warp approx.

  • Halftone Color/Halftone Pattern

  • Mirror, mirror coordinates using a mirroring normal and position

  • Parallax Mapping, simple single iteration non-steep parallax

  • Polar/Cylindrical, polar coordinates

  • Radial Symmetry 1, easier to use than 2

  • Radial Symmetry 2

  • Voronoi Distribute: repeat texture using Voronoi Coordinates

  • Spherical, spherical coordinates

  • Tri-planar Blend and Tri-planar Coordinates, used together for tri-planar blending of procedural shaders, since image textures already have that option

  • Vector Pan, translate coordinates using a specified speed and direction

  • Vector Pixelate, quantize coordinates

  • Vector Remap Uniform, linear remapping of vector coordinates, while keeping dimensions square

  • Vector Remap, linear remapping of coordinates

  • Vector Skew, skew texture coordinates

  • Vector Whirl, whirl texture coordinates

  • Vector Zoom, zoom up to specific location


  • Perlin 2D, tile-able Perlin noise

  • Voronoi 2D, tile-able and animatable Voronoi

  • Hexagon Tiles, hexagonal tiles with correct per tile position and UV, distance output can be used to get SD "Alveolus" pattern, also has hexagonal output for sharp corners, also has per tile random color and value

  • Knurling

  • Linear Gradient, gradient with controllable start and end points

  • Polka Dots

  • Spiral

  • Threads 1, fabric thread pattern

  • Threads 2

  • Truchet

  • Stripes

  • Cross Wave, interesting organic pattern, similar to gyroids, has multiple metrics (outputs), metric 2 looks like "Dents" noise in C4D

  • Smooth Tiles, square tiles with smooth corners

  • Simplex Noise 3D: 3D implementation of Simplex Noise

  • Simplex Grid: Triangular Grid


  • Regular Polygon, n-sides polygon

  • Rounded Rectangle, rectangle with beveled corners, has bevel clamp option

  • Heart 1,2&3

  • Petal 2 and Petal 4, dual and quad petal shape

  • Rose, n-petal rose

  • Superellipse, general form shape with parameters

  • Sphere/Circle

  • Triangle, triangle defined by 3 points

  • Circumcircle, circle going through 3 points

  • Butterfly 1,2

  • Metaball, Metaball Output, metaballs in shader

  • Equilateral Triangle

  • Ring 1, ring shape

  • Ampersand Curve, ornamental shape

  • Astroid, astroid shape

  • Bean, bean shape

  • Bicorn, bicorn hat like shape

  • Bicupsid Curve, ornamental shape

  • Links Curve

  • Hexagon

  • Habenicht Trefoil

  • Boat propeller

  • Brush Tip

  • Bullet Nose

  • Burnside Curve

  • Dumbbell Curve

  • Cardioid

  • Capsule

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FxNodes for Blender (Add-on) + Blender Puddle Shader + Tex Node .blend file (Contains node groups)

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FxNodes for Blender (Add-on) + Blender Puddle Shader + Text Node

53 ratings
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